Miley Cyrus to Co-host the 2010 MMVAs!

It’s offish: actress and pop music star Miley Cyrus has been deemed host of the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards! Following on the heels of last year’s dreamboat hosts the Jonas Brothers, Milerz will put on her fanciest threads and join our VJs on stage to co-host the biggest show of the year.

Be sure to keep your eyeballs peeled for upcoming announcements – we have a feeling this year will be ba-na-nas! There’s no word on wristbands yet, but we promise to let you know as soon as we know, k? TEAM 2010 LET’S GO!


Miley Cyrus Is ‘Incredibly Grounded,’ ‘LOL’ Co-Star Demi Moore Says

BEVERLY HILLS — She began acting in her late teens, broke through with a series of youth-oriented romantic films and went on to launch a decades-long career as one of the most famous women in the world. Now, Demi Moore is ready to share the screen with Miley Cyrus — who began acting in her late teens and has recently broken through with a series of youth-oriented movies.

The title of the flick might be “LOL,” but the thought of the pair onscreen together already has fans thinking “OMG!”

“She plays my daughter,” Demi told us Friday (April 9) of the upcoming flick. “It’s a remake of a French film called ‘LOL,’ with the same French director [Lisa Azuelos]. She’s incredible.”

We caught up with Moore while she was doing interviews for her April 16 film “The Joneses,” a cool, thought-provoking flick about a phony family dispatched to rich neighborhoods by corporate America to make them jealous of their possessions. Moore plays the “mother” of the family opposite David Duchovny — who couldn’t help but speak up when he heard the name Miley Cyrus.


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Miley Cyrus’ ‘The Last Song’ Makeup Artist Spills Her On Set Beauty Secrets!

Want to know how Miley Cyrus got gorgeous for her big screen role in The Last Song? Her makeup artist, Julie Hewett tells you how!

Miley Cyrus, who in real life is a huge fan of fun, dramatic makeup like fake lashes and lots of eye liner, went for a more natural look to portray 17-year-old Ronnie Miller in her new film, The Last Song. “A lot of the movie takes place on the beach so the makeup is pretty clean,” says celebrity makeup artist Julie Hewett who worked on set with Miley to create her beauty look. Her look was so natural that it only took about 20 minutes to get Miley camera ready! “She is just a one in a billion young lady. Full of life and so special and so talented. I had the most fun summer,” Julie says.

“Her skin is so beautiful and she is so good at taking care of herself and her skin,” Julie says. Since the majority of the movie was filmed on the beach, this meant lots of sun protection for Miley. “We used Kate Somerville’s 55 SPF sun block everyday.”

Julie would prep Miley’s skin with Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and set it with a good amount of bronzer. To give Miley a pretty flush, Julie custom blended two of her Cheekie shades just for her. “As a surprise, I made a color for her called Destiny,” Julie says.

“Miley has such spectacular lips. You really don’t need to put to color on there,” Julie says. “She is my biggest fan when it comes to my Camellia Balm.”

For Miley’s eyes, Julie kept things simple. I mean, she was at the beach, how weird would it have looked if she rocked a smoky Hannah Montana eye? “I used my Julie Hewett Rose Scented Mascara for her natural look and Diorshow for a party look,” Julie says.

To keep cool on the hot outdoor set, Miley would spritz herself with Julie Hewett Floral Water in Cucumber Extract. “She is obsessed with it. She would spritz it in her hair and her face. She lives for that. She loves it,” Julie says.

So, what did Miley do to relax in between takes? “Miley would grab the brush out of my hand and do my make-up!” Julie says. “She’s just knows everything about makeup and has remarkable taste. She’s just incredible,” Julie gushes. – Marta Topran


Miley Cyrus — Moving Too Fast?

Miley Cyrus is so in love with co-star Liam Hemsworth that she’s planning to marry him — even though she’s only known him 10 months!

“She’s convinced she’ll spend the rest of her life with him,” says a source about the teenager’s surprising determination to get married this year. “She’s talking about a wedding as soon as she turns 18. She’s even asked her mom if she can wear her wedding dress.”

“He is awesome,” Miley gushed about her 20-year-old beau during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “We hang out almost every day. He’s almost become like my best friend.”

In fact, she’s so serious about Liam that she even flew out to Australia to meet his family and Liam’s met the Cyrus clan too!

“The whole family are great,” he tells OK!. “They’re really good people.”

But is their relationship too much, too soon?


Miley Cyrus interview: I’m going to hire an acting coach

She is only 17, but Miley Cyrus has already negotiated more pitfalls and experienced more personal ups and downs than many stars twice her age.

On the plus side she has been starring in her own television series since she was 13, topped the album charts with a double platinum album, notched up several top ten singles, written her autobiography and won a Golden Globe nomination for her song from the movie Bolt.

Conversely, the girl who was regarded as a wholesome teen idol has also been the target for criticism and condemnation following a series of public relations gaffes. She was blasted for what some claim were fake tears during her acceptance speech at last year’s Kids Choice Awards, and a provocative Vanity Fair photo spread in which she posed semi-topless erupted into a mainstream media debate on whether children were growing up too fast and too sexual and whether the many outraged mothers who took to blogs or television talk shows were justified in their anger.

In addition, self-portraits of a scantily-clad Miley circulated in cyberspace along with a photo that some viewed as racially insensitive because she was shown pulling her eyes into a slanted position.

Through it all Miley Cyrus, pop culture phenomenon, has emerged unscathed, mainly because her perky, bubbly personality and her sometimes startling honesty have endeared her to the public and won her millions of fans.


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