Miley Cyrus ‘happy’ for romance to be public knowledge


Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has said she’s happy for her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth to be public knowledge.

The pair play the romantic lead roles in new film The Last Song and the 17-year-old has no problem with it being in the spotlight.

“I think it makes it easier,” she said. “I’ve been in relationships before where people don’t want people to know because it’s bad for their career (but) I’d rather not sneak around – it’s so much more drama than is necessary.

“It’s like, ‘Yes, we’re together. Let us live our lives’. It’s easier because you’re not trying to sneak around, otherwise it’s news everytime you’re seen together.”

However, Cyrus did admit their relationship was still in the early stages when they had to shoot some of the film’s romantic scenes: “You’ve got to be super-pro. No one really knew we were together at the time so we just kept it professional.”

The Last Song is about a girl who spends the summer with her divorced dad in a quiet beach town. And among other twists and turns ends up getting together with Hemsworth’s character, Will.

The star was disappointed to miss the European premiere of the movie because of the ash cloud, but says that concentrating on her big screen career is where her priorities now lie.

“I had such a good time and it inspired me to do more, so definitely I want to do more films,” said the Nashville-born actress and singer.
Nude scenes

Cyrus admits picking her roles carefully though, so not to alienate the younger fans who know her from Disney’s hit Hannah Montana series.

“The next film I’m doing is a French film called LOL… It’s Demi Moore and I – it’s really edgy…

“But I’ll also do a fun film afterwards for all my fans, but if a cool film comes up that may seem a little old for my normal fans then I’m not going to pass it up.”

The multi-talented star’s transition from a teen idol looks inevitable and she even told Newsbeat she wouldn’t rule out doing nude scenes if the role was right. “It depends what the film is,” she said.

“If it’s something that’s classy – it just depends on the circumstances.”


Miley Cyrus Gets The Keys To Her $3.4m Dream Home!


MILEY Cyrus has her foot on the property ladder!

The Hannah Montana star, 17, has just picked up the keys to her $3.4 million dream home — which is located just a few doors away from her parents’ house.

Miley’s Spanish style Hacienda home — which was purchased a year ago and has undergone extensive renovations — is 4,045 sq feet in size and has four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms plus a tennis court and pool.

There is a formal dining room with French doors that open to the yard, a wood-paneled study, and a state-of-the-art kitchen with a center island, granite counter tops, several sky lights, and a menu planning area.

Miley also installed a new recording studio in the property which has a detached guest house with two bedrooms, a living room and wet bar.


Miley Cyrus Marriage Rumors Debunked


She’s madly in love with her hunky Australian boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, but that doesn’t mean Miley Cyrus is gearing up for a wedding anytime soon.

There have been rampant rumors in the gossip mill that claim the “Hannah Montana” babe is looking to be a bride by the end of the year. But they’re all false.

OK magazine claimed, “Once Miley gets an idea in her head, there’s no talking her out of it… she is hooked on the idea of being a young bride.”

Another source furthered the story by stating that Miley and Liam “are already seriously thinking about marriage and Miley has her heart set on a Christmas wedding, a month after her 18th birthday.”

But in reality, Cyrus and Hemsworth are enjoying their dating relationship and not worried about getting too serious too fast.


Miley Not Attended TLS UK PREMIERE


People are VERY upset! ‘Due to the current flight restrictions over the UK we would like to inform you that Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Julie Anne Robinson will no longer be attending the European Charity Premiere of The Last Song in support of Great Ormond Street Children’s’ Hospital on Tuesday 20th April, 2010. This screening will still go ahead for ticket holders.’


Taylor Lautner to team with Miley Cyrus?


Taylor Lautner may have a new leading lady in his future.

And she may be an even bigger star than he is.

There are rumblings across the entertainment blogosphere that representatives for both Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus have in been in talks to get two of the youngest and hottest stars in the business today to team up for an upcoming film project.

The news comes as a surprising development to some fans of Miley Cyrus who are well aware of her firm dislike of the Twilight series.

As it stands, however, there doesn’t appear to be a particular script that both stars have taken a mutual interest in. Yet, the blockbuster duo of Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus has been an on-screen dream team since the idea first floated across the celebrity news blogosphere some twelve months ago.

While there is growing interest to pair Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus on screen as soon as possible, both stars have a busy year ahead of them. Reps for Miley Cyrus, for example, have suggested that the Hannah Montana beauty may already have as many as four films lined up for the remainder of the year. Meanwhile, Taylor Lautner is preparing for an epic performance as “Stretch Armstrong” in what is certain to be a box office blockbuster.

Will we ever see Miley Cyrus and Taylor Lautner together?


Miley Cyrus’ Twitter Account Belongs to Neither a Miley Nor a Cyrus

Never mind all those @mileycyruses.

Despite the number of Twitter accounts claiming to belong to the Miley Cyrus that have tens of thousands of followers, a rep for the teen queen assured E! News that Cyrus has not opted to rejoin the site since closing her account in October.

From @MILEYCYRUS to @mileycyrus_ to @MileyCyrusNet, not one is the real deal.

After reaching the million-plus mark in followers, Cyrus opted to quit Twitter after boyfriend Liam Hemsworth requested that she delete her account “with good reason.”

And since then, Cyrus (who still maintains a subscription-based official website and blog) has become an outspoken opponent of Facebook, Twitter and too much free social networking in general.

“I have a lot more real friends as opposed to friends who are on the Internet who I’m talking to—which is like not cool, not safe, not fun and most likely not real. I think everything is just better when you’re not so wrapped up,” she said last month.

Yeah, we’ll see what happens when Liam decides Twitter is for him, after all.


Miley Cyrus Celebrates “Edgy” Video With New Boy

Now that’s she done launching her Last Song in theaters, Miley Cyrus is getting back to work on her music.

She spent her weekend shooting the video for “I Can’t Be Tamed,” the first single off her new album, at Sony Studios in Culver City, sources confirm to E! News. And of course, her Aussie boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, was also on set to support her.

The clip won’t be released until May, but we’ve got a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in what one insider calls an “edgy” video…

The clip features Miley caught in a giant bird cage. “Imagine ‘Party in the USA’ on steroids,” says a source close to the production. “It will blow people away.”

But will there be an ice cream cart with a stripper pole?

Miley appeared happy with the shoot herself—she was all smiles as she hosted a wrap dinner party Sunday night at Chateau Marmont. And yes, Liam was there as well.