Miley Cyrus Working On Campaign Against Negativity In Cyberspace


We have just learned that Miles is going to be working on a campaign with Dillon Mutyaba about the negativity in cyberspace. Mr. Mutyaba is currently the spokesmodel for the Apple Ipad touch with Facetime for Apple, Inc. Mr. Mutyaba was short on details but we are going to assume this will take the form of a Youtube PSA video of some sort.

You guys should already be aware of the negativity if you are on sites such as Twitter. Miles left Twitter because of this negativity and also because she wanted more privacy in her life. We have met some of the nicest people on there but we have also met more of the rudest, unmannered people you can imagine there and some of those happen to be celebs we supports of all people. So this may be a good thing to bring awareness to the masses about having proper manners online and those lessons definitely need to be taught to people.


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