Miley Cyrus Most Searched Celebrity On Yahoo!


Miley Cyrus was the most searched for celebrity on Yahoo, according to their report. Her busy year has been filled with rumors, the end of her show, her album and of course her family life as well as her own personal life. This has been a busy year in her life, no wonder so many wanted to know more about her.

I sort of hope she can take a break soon and just relax. She needs just to get away from this madness for a while, before she becomes the next Britney Spears. However, I am not surprised that she ranks number 1 in the most searched for a search engine.

Were you one of the people who searched for sites or info about Miley this year? I think most people did, it is kind of hard not to search for one of the most talked about stars. Do you think more people should leave her alone like Dolly Parton does or do you think that this is just part of the fame game?

article source: MTV News

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