Iyaz Says Miley Cyrus Is ‘Funny As Hell — She Does Not Hold Her Tongue!’


We spoke to one of Miley’s BFFs and he says she’s not afraid to tell you like it is!

BFFs, Miley Cyrus is the type of friend that WILL tell you yes when you ask her ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’ R&B phenomenon Iyaz, who was discovered by Sean Kingston on MySpace in 2008, gave us the scoop on his BFF Miley!

“She’s funny as hell. She does not hold her tongue,” he says. “She will crack on you. If you came in the room right now, with a booger hanging out of your nose she’ll tell you straight up!”

Judging by her recent performances on Britain’s Got Talent and in her music video Can’t Be Tamed it’s clear she’s not afraid to say or do anything!

We with Iyaz at the Warner Bros. offices in NYC discussing his hit single Solo which hit number two on the billboard charts and his upcoming album Replay which hits stores June 8!

“Replay was about the girl,” he says. “Solo was about the ex … I talk to her all the time. I talk to all my exes.”

But it seems like he thinks Miley is a pretty cool chick! “I met her at the Teen Choice Awards, that was like last year,” he says. “But her and I since then, you know, we cool, we text.”

Not only is her BFF’s with Miley he’s really close with Justin Bieber!

source: www.hollywoodlife.com

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