Debbie Gibson & Tiffany Relates To Miley & Demi Lovato


Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato has not been the only teen stars to have meltdowns in their careers. It seems to happen to all teen stars that achieve quick fame. Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were no exception to that and they say they can relate to the problems that Demi and Miley have been going through.

“I had my meltdowns then and still have them now, but I just do them in private,” Debbie says. Tiffany wholeheartedly agrees, saying if she would have done something like shave her head or smoke out of a bong during the height of her career, there wouldn’t have been paparazzi or camera phones waiting to capture her every stumble.

“In LA, the difference now is that everything is right out in the open,” Tiffany explains. “The barometer is different now. Before, if we would have started having all of our meltdowns in public, it probably would have ruined our careers. It wasn’t entertainment at that point.”

So Miles and Demi are not alone in this and they seem to have a lot of people supporting them in their efforts to change and it seems like Miles and Demi are doing just that.

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