Gallery Updates

18th July – At her hotel in London

[cpg_album:1293, 5]

18th July- At the ITV Studios in London

[cpg_album:1294, 5]

18th July – At The Hits Radio in London

[cpg_album:1288, 5][cpg_album:1288, 5][cpg_album:1288, 5][cpg_album:1288, 5][cpg_album:1288, 5]

18th July – At KISS FM in London

[cpg_album:1289, 5]

18th July – At Capital FM in London

[cpg_album:1295, 5]

19th July – Interviews in London

[cpg_album:1290, 5]

19th July – Leaving her hotel in London

[cpg_album:1291, 5]

20th July – Interviews in London

[cpg_album:1292, 5][cpg_album:1292, 2]

20th July – Arriving at a photoshoot in East London

[cpg_album:1296, 5][cpg_album:1296, 1]

20th July – Out and about at The Box Club in London

[cpg_album:1297, 5]

21st July – Shopping at Chanel Bond Street in London

[cpg_album:1300, 5]

Gallery Updates

8th July – Heading into a hotel in Alberta Canada

[cpg_album:1280, 5]

12th July- At Trader Joe’s in Toluca Lake

[cpg_album:1281, 5]

14th July – Arriving for a private flight at Van Nuys Airport

[cpg_album:1282, 5]

15th July – Heading into the Good Morning America studios in NYC

[cpg_album:1283, 5]

15th July – Good Morning America

[cpg_album:1284, 5]

16th July – At a photoshoot in New York

[cpg_album:1285, 4][cpg_album:1285, 1]

17th July – Arriving into Heathrow Airport in London

[cpg_album:1286, 4][cpg_album:1286, 1]

18th July – At BBC Radio 1 in London

[cpg_album:1287, 5]